DigitalWell & Centrical Sign Multi-Year Deal with Leading Customer Experience Provider, itel, to Support International Growth

Caribbean-based customer experience provider itel has agreed a two-year contract worth almost three quarters of a million Euros for enterprise communications company DigitalWell to upgrade its customer service systems.  This more robust employee centric platform utilising AI tools like gamification will increase retention, engagement, and ultimately customer satisfaction. DigitalWell will deploy Centrical’s employee success platform that blends artificial intelligence and advanced gamification with personalised micro-learning, real-time employee performance management, as well as adaptive coaching tools and well-being strategies. DigitalWell will also provide continual support to itel with an ongoing managed services contract.

The improvements will support itel’s continued expansion throughout the Americas and beyond.  “With growing expectations of employees and customers, it is essential to invest in your frontline employees and put them at the centre of your business,” says Yoni Epstein, founding chairman and CEO, itel.  “Following successful office expansion and recruitment in Jamaica, St Lucia, Honduras, and Guyana, we want to nurture a culture of retention and make sure our new hires and current employees are happy, stimulated, and with us for the long term.  Working with people-first companies like DigitalWell and Centrical enables itel to provide the highest standard of employee engagement, which correlates to delivering optimal customer service, enabling itel to meet our business objectives and grow.”

Ross Murray, CEO, DigitalWell explains, “It quickly became clear that the itel team sought to embrace a people-first organisational culture like ours. We counselled them on proven best-in-class empathy-based systems designed to nurture and reinforce that holistic approach.  Centrical was a natural partner for the solution because not only can it meet their current staff retention objectives, but can easily scale as their business grows globally.  In the short term, we will reduce itel’s recruitment and retention costs, decreasing their time to revenue.  It’s a wonderful win with a mutually beneficial relationship that also supports our own ongoing international expansion.”

DigitalWell’s solution and managed service contract along with Centrical will serve itel’s 7,000 personnel across all its offices throughout the Caribbean, with the view to grow beyond this region.  “When each employee is trained through personalised micro-learning, supported through a standardised and actionable coaching approach, and empowered to grow both personally and professionally is when we can maximise organisational performance and productivity,” says Madeleine Freind, vice president Customer Success, Centrical.  “The performance derived from the AI-driven personalised career journeys guarantees every itel customer will receive the best in industry experience from motivated, passionate, and proactive service staff.”

This marks DigitalWell’s first win in the Caribbean and South America, consolidating its customer base in the Americas alongside other brands such as AirBnB, HSBC and Liberty Insurance.

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