Dell Technologies Ireland Unveils Top Five Technology Predictions for 2023

Jason Ward, Vice-President and Managing Director of Dell Technologies Ireland, has unveiled his top five technology predictions for 2023. The prominent technology leader is forecasting how new developments in AI and Quantum Computing together with the growing importance placed on the digital employee experience will transform the business landscape over the coming year.

With seven in ten Irish businesses seeking to accelerate their digital transformation plans, smart investments in IT are set to continue at pace. Those investments will increasingly be focused on new technologies that can unlock the value of data while also keeping it secure.

The technology predictions for 2023 comes following a year in which Irish businesses recognised that their ability to embrace AI, Cloud and Edge Computing rests on an engaged and innovative workforce. According to Dell’s Breakthrough study, 74% of Irish leaders regard their people as their greatest asset in driving digital transformation forward.

“As we look ahead to 2023, new technologies will help Irish businesses to remain resilient in challenging times as well as enabling a hybrid workforce to innovate at speed,” said Jason Ward, Vice-President and Managing Director of Dell Technologies Ireland as he unveiled his 2023 predictions.

“To help organisations across Ireland navigate a world increasingly defined by data, we’ve pinpointed five technology predictions that will shape how we live, work and do business in the next 12 months. For those who have the right talent to embrace it, advancements in AI can provide businesses of all sizes with a distinct competitive advantage.

“2023 will see Quantum Computing become more accessible to Irish businesses, who will harness this breakthrough technology to speed up innovation. Meanwhile, with evolving ransomware attacks and the growing volume of data, cyber resilience will become intrinsic to business resilience.

“By looking to the horizon and identifying the technology trends that will shape Ireland’s economy, Dell Technologies can support public and private sector organisations to adapt, innovate and remain resilient.”

Top 5 Predictions:

The top technology predictions include:

Prediction 1: Technology will make or break the employee experience

With a significant number of organisations embracing a hybrid future, technology rather than the physical office will increasingly define the employee experience. No longer seen as ‘added extras’, new tools and devices will not only shape how we work from home, but they will also help offices pivot to become workspaces for collaboration. That will enable businesses to provide employees with a consistent and productive work experience, not defined by where they work.

Prediction 2: Cyber resilience will become intrinsic to business resilience

More evolved ransomware, the shift to hybrid working, the increasing use of new technologies as well as the rise in the volume we all use, have made businesses of all sizes prime targets for cyber attackers. The changing cyber landscape has resulted in 91% of Irish businesses taking steps to enhance data protection over the past year. 2023 will see leaders recognise that they are only as secure and resilient as their people. That will require organisations to build a culture of security at every level. With organisations handling more data than ever before, cyber resilience will become intrinsic to business resilience.

Prediction 3: AI will become the engine of innovation in every organisation  

AI will reach an important turning point next year as it is adopted across every organisation – irrespective of size. Leaders are increasingly looking at ways in which to harness the value of data and are turning to AI to keep pace with changing trends and to remain one step ahead of competitors. Creating more intelligent products and services and supporting the work by all teams across the business, AI will become the main engine of innovation in 2023.

Prediction 4: Quantum Computing will become the new frontier of digital transformation  

For decades, quantum computing has only been accessible to the world’s largest research institutions and government agencies. But in 2023, industry is set to come together to make quantum computing a reality for businesses of all sizes. As the new frontier of digital transformation, Irish businesses will begin to pilot the use of quantum and harness its advanced computing capabilities to speed up innovation. Healthcare and finance are two sectors where the impact of quantum will begin to be felt.

Prediction 5: IT to help organisations achieve their ESG goals

In the wake of COP27 and national climate action plans, IT will play an ever-greater role in helping organisations achieve their environment, social and governance (ESG) goals. IT teams can play a key role in developing the right metrics and accessing data from across the business to reliably track emissions and measure progress. Applying AI and Machine Learning can help to identify opportunities within an organisation to reduce waste or to promote more efficient farming practices.