Dell Announces New AI-Driven Headset Portfolio

Dell has announced its all-new lineup of Dell intelligent headsets, built from the ground up with the latest AI-driven technology. With world-class noise-cancelling performance and long-lasting, comfortable wear, these wireless and wired headsets are reliable for all-day conferencing.

Dell presents the world’s most intelligent wireless and wired headsets in their class, the Dell Pro Wireless ANC Headset (WL5024) and Dell Pro Wired ANC Headset (WH5024). Each is equipped with built-in AI-driven noise cancellation microphones that pick up and filter out background noises, offering a new level of audio experience.

See below for a breakdown of the top features of the headsets:

—  AI-Driven Technology: AI-driven noise cancellation microphones pick up and filter out background noises for clear communication. By utilizing a robust AI-processing model, environmental noise cancellation is more intelligent, reliable, and accurate in distinguishing human voices from surrounding noises.

—  Clear Listening: Both headsets offer Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that reduces and blocks out unwanted environmental noise making it easier to focus on your what you are listening to. We take the WL5024 a step further by offering a more sophisticated Hybrid ANC, which combines both feed-forward and feed-back ANC, providing better noise reduction across a broader range of frequencies.

—  Collaborate effortlessly: Pair your wireless devices effortlessly and securely in just one click using Dell Pair software and customize your audio settings with Dell software.

—  Convenience: Smart sensors mute your conversation when you remove your WL5024 wireless headset and resume your call when you put it back on, while the WH5024 Pro Wired ANC boasts easy in-line control for common tasks.

—  Swift Connection: Flip the discreet boom mic down to answer calls/unmute and flip it up to mute or neatly tuck it away when not in use.

—  Sleek Design: With ergonomics and comfort in mind, the headsets are built with premium quality materials that include adjustable leatherette headbands and replaceable memory foam ear cushions.

—  Platform Compatibility: Certified for Microsoft Teams (Open Office) and Zoom, compatible with leading UC platforms. Open Office qualification includes the strictest test on how the headset microphone suppresses surrounding noise and office conversation from multiple directions. This certification provides the ultimate assurance that the headset meets the premium microphone standard in an open office environment.

—  Long-Lasting Battery: Easily charge your wireless headset (WL5024) by placing it on the charging dock for convenient, rapid charging with up to 8 hours in 15 minutes. On a full charge, enjoy up to 78 hours of listening time.

Expanding the portfolio even further, and available now are the Dell Wireless Headset (WL3024) and Dell Wired Headset (WH3024). Easy to use, these headsets make the perfect choice for the everyday, no-frills consumer who is looking to benefit from a smooth-sailing workday. And stay tuned in the coming months as Dell ramps up to announce a high-end addition to the lineup!

Pricing & Availability (all prices excl. VAT)

—  Dell Pro Wired ANC Headset (WH5024) is available January 30th starting at €109.99, £90.7
—  Dell Pro Wireless ANC Headset (WL5024) is available January 30th starting €207.99, £181.59
—  Dell Wired Headset (WH3024) is available now starting €63.99, £55.75
—  Dell Wireless Headset (WL3024) is available now starting €159.99, £139.27

Accessories Pricing & Availability (all prices excl. VAT)

—  Dell Pro Wired /Wireless Headset Ear Cushions (HE524) is available January 30th at €22.39, £19.59
—  Dell Pro Headset Charging Stand (HC524) is available February 29th starting at €47.99, £41.91
—  Dell Wired Headset Ear Cushions (HE324) is available now at €15.99, £13.91
—  Dell Wireless Headset Ear Cushions (HE424) is available now at €15.99, £13.91
—  Dell Wireless Audio Receiver (HR024) is available now at €59.99, £52.23