Datapac enables tech-enhanced learning in schools with wireless technology platform

Datapac, Ireland’s leading technology solutions and services provider, is enabling tech-enhanced learning in Irish schools with its innovative wireless technology platform. The solution integrates highly secure digital technology into the classroom and creates a more immersive learning experience for pupils.

Many schools operate on aging wireless infrastructure, which may not be capable of delivering the signal speed or coverage needed to keep pace with the demands of the modern classroom. In addition, older infrastructures can lead to slower and more unreliable connections as users move around the premises.

Datapac’s expert technical leads work closely with each school to design and implement a bespoke wireless infrastructure plan, taking the unique complexities associated with the layout of school premises into account. Datapac’s wireless technology, underpinned by industry-leading HPE Aruba hardware and software, ensures fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage and strength to all areas.

This future-proofed wireless architecture means that both pupils and teachers can move freely throughout the school while staying securely connected via laptops, tablets or PCs. The solution provides a new level of flexibility with the ability to bring digital learning to any classroom, and underpins school curriculums with increased access to online resources and learning portals. In turn, this improves productivity, efficiency, and time management for teachers.

The HPE Aruba software also offers critical built-in security controls, which allow for certain applications and websites to be blocked while providing a full breakdown of network traffic and bandwidth usage across devices.

Datapac is delivering the platform to a growing number of schools around the country, including Kilrane National School in Co. Wexford, and will continue to roll out the service to more schools and educational institutions nationwide.

Karen O’ Connor, General Manager ICT Services & Solutions, Datapac: “It is very important for schools to assess their connectivity needs from an education delivery perspective and compare this against what is available with their current infrastructure. The world is becoming more and more digitised and children and young people need to have access to the tools and skills to succeed. Having an effective wireless technology platform in place enables technology to be woven into all aspects of the learning process.

“It is vital that schools have infrastructure in place which is optimised for the environment. The platform needs to provide the connectivity needed for today and be capable of handling future bandwidth requirements, all the while allowing for nuanced security controls and protocols to keep children safe online.”

John Mernagh, Assistant Principal, Kilrane National School: “Having a fully modernised wireless infrastructure in place has given us a new level of flexibility, allowing for an increased level of digital integration into the classroom. The improved speeds, reliability and enhanced school-wide Wi-Fi coverage not only delivers a best-in-class solution for our needs today, it has also helped to future-proof our school for the requirements of tomorrow.”

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