Datapac connects businesses with new hybrid conferencing solution

Datapac, Ireland’s leading technology solutions and services provider, has launched an innovative hybrid conferencing solution to meet customer demand for increased hybrid working capabilities.

The service enables businesses to connect multiple teams wherever they’re located – be it in the office, at home, or a combination of both. The streamlined technology with cutting-edge Microsoft Teams integration, touch-screen interface, and built-in camera, microphone, and speakers, virtually extends the traditional meeting room with both in-room and cross-Teams presentation capabilities.

The complexities associated with hybrid collaboration are almost entirely eradicated as meetings can be run via this easy-to-use solution and are no longer reliant on individual pieces of equipment. Meeting setup times and other related technical issues are reduced, meaning employee productivity and workflows are improved.

In turn, less helpdesk tickets are raised, allowing IT teams to redistribute their focus to core tasks. The flexible and scalable solution will result in significant cost savings for businesses as the need to purchase, maintain and replace equipment is reduced. It also gives valuable uptime back to organisations as the requirement to travel to meetings is decreased.

The hybrid conferencing service is aimed at organisations with multiple offices or locations (including overseas). It has already been adopted by customers including Special Olympics Ireland, Respond and Caulfield’s. Initially configured with Microsoft Teams, the solution will also support Zoom and Webex conferencing.

A recent Censuswide survey carried out by Datapac in association with cybersecurity and backup specialist Datto found that 40% of SMB owners in Ireland intend to continue to offer remote or hybrid working despite the immediate necessity of the pandemic having passed.

Karen O’Connor, General Manager, Datapac: “In the era of the hybrid workforce, the work environment has never been more complex. We have a greater need than ever to connect and enable collaboration for businesses and their people. This innovative service will help our customers to do just that.

“This simple and reliable technology coupled with the reduced need for equipment means the service is ideally suited to organisations who operate on a hybrid basis or from multiple offices and locations. It can be tough to find the balance between effective hybrid working and meaningful connections with colleagues or clients, and we believe our hybrid conferencing solution will help customers to strike that balance.”

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