Data changes everyday, Ray Nolan founder and CEO of The Noledge Group

One of the most important things to a business is data, but is it being used correctly? Did you know that data tells the story of your business so that it can grow? One person who is an advocate of this is Ray Ryan founder and CEO of The Noledge Group.

Ray talks to Ronan about his background, what the Noledge Group does, ERP systems, and data.

More about The Noledge Group:

The Noledge Group, has OSSM (Leading NetSuite Solution Provider) and Envisage (Ireland’s Largest Sage Partner), these are two long established cloud ERP specialists companies.

Through these companies they use the skills and experience of theirr people to assist theirr customers achieve their business ambitions by delivering the right advice and the right technology. Most importantly they adhere to their philosophy of “Right First Time”.

The Noledge Group recognises that while the cloud can be right for lots of things, it is not always right for everyone. They know It is important that they listen to their clients needs to make sure that they are proposing the correct solutions for them.

Their clients may have made serious investments in current systems which are business critical and these aspects need to be considered as part of an overall proposed solution. They want their customers to have the ability to choose the best solution for their business now and in the future.

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