Cutting-edge VEI Global technology prepares Naas female race car driver for season debut

VEI Global, a leading provider of ICT services and comprehensive support solutions, is delighted to announce its official sponsorship of aspiring race car driver Roisin Sweeney as she embarks on her inaugural motor racing season at the remarkable age of 20.

Roisin Sweeney, a young talent with an innate passion for racing, has entered the motorsport scene with a determination and drive that belies her years. Roisin is set to make her mark in the racing world, demonstrating her prowess and potential on the track.

As part of this groundbreaking partnership, VEI Global and Cradlepoint have equipped Roisin Sweeney’s Global GT race car with a state-of-the-art mobile connectivity device as well as financial support. The low latency and high bandwidth of the cellular router enables real-time, reliable and uninterrupted tracking of Roisin’s car – meaning the team can take advantage of comprehensive data analysis on various performance metrics, including speed, acceleration and handling.

“Roisin Sweeney represents the epitome of determination, passion, and talent, embodying the spirit of female empowerment and excellence. As she launches her motor racing career, VEI Global, together with our partners in Cradlepoint, stand by her as a supporter and believe in her ability to thrive in this demanding and exhilarating sport,” said Lloyd O’Rourke, Co-CEO at VEI Global.

“As a sponsor, VEI Global is dedicated to nurturing young sporting talent and supporting individuals like Roisin as they pursue their dreams and carve out successful careers in their chosen fields. This partnership signifies VEI Global’s commitment to fostering innovation, excellence, and determination in sport,” said Conor Killeen, Co-CEO at VEI Global.

“We are thrilled to support Roisin Sweeney as she embarks on her exciting journey in motorsport,” said Sarah Ralston-Good, Partner Business Lead at Cradlepoint. “This partnership represents a significant step forward in empowering young female talent who are trailblazing in sporting arenas around the world. We are particularly excited to provide Roisin with a Cradlepoint cutting-edge in-vehicle solution. In a sport where a second is the difference between success and failure, enabling her and her team to gain greater insight into how the car performs in real time will make a real difference. I am looking forward to watching Roisin achieve new heights of success on the racetrack.”

Roisin Sweeney expressed her gratitude for VEI Global’s sponsorship, stating, “I am very grateful to VEI Global and Cradlepoint for their support and belief in my abilities. With their backing, I am empowered to pursue my dreams and strive for success on the racetrack.”

VEI Global looks forward to a successful partnership with Roisin Sweeney and anticipates an exhilarating season ahead as she showcases her talent and potential on the track.

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