Crypto-mining through transactions with WEIpay Business now possible

WEI Foundation has announced an official launch of the new payment system WEIpay Business based on the innovative principle of crypto-mining through transaction. WEIpay Business allows customers to accept the innovative cryptocurrency WEI as payment and make payments using traditional currencies.

The basics of the process is that the mining is carried out by purchase and sale simultaneously. Seller and buyer each get up to 2% of the transaction as a reward immediately. That means: both transaction participants can reduce costs or increase profit up to 2% just by making a transaction.

Crypto-mining through transactions with WEIpay Business

Tbilisi, Georgia, according to developers, WEIpay Business will become an important component of the whole WEIcrypto eco-system. Mining through a transaction can open a new era in the crypto-industry. When seller and buyer can both mine currency just as a result of a transaction – that is going to change the market. We also hope that it will help cryptocurrencies to reach the world of traditional online shopping says WEIcrypto’s CEO Murat Khadziev.

Deals can be made in USD, EUR, AED, JPY, and GBP in their equivalent to WEI (branded cryptocoins). In this case, the currency exchange rate will be fixed for 1 min for closing the deal based on the actual rate of the crypto exchange. According to developers users, who use another fiat currency for payments, can simply contact to the service support and their currency will be integrated within 5 working days.

“We do not suggest our customers switching completely to WEI payments. We do respect fiat money, however, we believe that the seller and the buyer should have a choice – how to make a payment. WEIpay Business can become a technological addition to the forms of payment that are currently used”, – adds Murat Khadziev.
WEI Foundation (the head company of WEIcrypto) doesn’t charge any fees for connection, maintenance, and support at WEIpay Business. The payment system is totally free for customers.

Why are our products free, and what’s in it for us, you may ask? ?

All our ecosystem’s products are accessible at no extra cost!

It allows us to gain a partner network that directly affects the capitalization of our main asset – $WEI. ? @SimonCocking

— WEIcrypto (@teamweicrypto) August 24, 2022

About WEIcrypto and WEIpay Business

WEI Foundation, NCLE is a non-profit foundation and a comprehensive system of products  based on blockchain technologies (WEIcrypto) aimed at technological changes in the global financial system.

WEIcrypto combines the following sub-services into the whole eco-system:

WEI crypto-currency (all the advantages of cash: a WEI transaction takes no more than 1 second. It is 5 times faster than PayPal and 3600 times faster than Bitcoin)

WEIpay payment system (used to store, send and receive WEI: users can send WEI by phone number or by attaching the device to an NFC tag as in the usual online banking applications; totally free payments service for business WEIpay Business)

WEIback payment reward service (user who accepted WEI for payment and user who paid for the goods for WEI receive the same fixed remuneration for their contribution to the development of blockchain payments)

WEIpartner business loan system (these are decentralized loans for businesses on an interest-free basis, the decision to issue them is made by voting of blockchain nodes.

To repay the loan, you just need to add WEI as one of the payment forms. This is how the WEIcrypto ecosystem stimulates the turnover of WEI).
Thus, WEIcrypto is a fundamentally new approach to fintech solutions. WEIcrpto do not only stimulate the introduction of blockchain technologies, WEIcrypto is creating new opportunities for people and businesses.
WE = WEI (crypto)

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