Covve’s Smart Business Card, Cosmos, Simplifies the Exchange of Contact Information

Covve, a leading provider of relationship management products and services, is proud to announce the release of Cosmos, a smart business card that helps working professionals establish and maintain meaningful connections. This sleek, upmarket tool simplifies the act of sharing and receiving contact information while enabling carriers to stand out from their peers when introducing themselves to new contacts.

Cosmos to simplify exchanging contact details

Cultivating professional relationships is a challenging task that has traditionally demanded significant time and dedication. With Cosmos, users can instantaneously share their contact information or enter a new contact’s information into a relationship management app with one swift action.

Just tap the card on the screen of your new contact’s iPhone or Android. Your contact details page will immediately appear on the recipient’s smartphone, allowing the recipient to quickly save you as a contact. The recipient does not need to have any sort of app installed or own a digital card to receive and save your information. Advanced near-field communication (NFC) technology allows these devices to seamlessly share contact information.

Cosmos is also supported by a relationship management app for storing contact information and important details about each connection. To enter a new contact into the app, simply scan the contact’s information on their smartphone. If your new contact has a physical business card, you can even use the app to scan the business card’s contact information. Your phone will then save the individual as a contact and as a new relationship in the app.

As users enter more contacts into Cosmos’ companion app, they can continuously monitor the strength of their networks by viewing analytics based on different factors such as the number of contacts they’ve entered each week and the amount of new detail they’ve added about existing connections. The app also keeps track of how many times a user has tapped their Cosmos card and the most frequent locations in which they’ve shared or received contact information.

“Since the beginning, our main objective has been making the art of relationship building as seamless as possible,” said Yiannis Gavrielides, Covve’s CEO. “By combining advanced NFC technology with a user-friendly app, we believe that we can remove several major barriers to effective professional networking, inspiring users to take action in the presence of potential connections and capitalize on every new opportunity to elevate their careers.”

About Covve

Covve is a networking platform that helps individuals stay connected, build meaningful relationships, and improve their career and life prospects. The company provides a range of products and services, including its innovative personal CRM app, digital business cards, and expert-led networking courses. Covve’s mission is to help people connect better and make it a habit of keeping in touch and building meaningful relationships. To find out more about how Covve is leveraging NFC technology, visit

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