Coding Grace’s launches newest virtual talk series called Cupán Tae Conf

A brand new series of talks aimed at senior, principal, staff engineers and head of engineering deep-diving into tech on the theme – Dependencies.

Coding Grace is back with a brand new experience called Cupán Tae (/kup-awn tay/) beginning with a series of virtual events where industry professionals will hear renowned speakers impart their experiences with opportunities to network over a “cup of tea”.

Cupán Tae Conf virtual talk series

Hosted by Vicky Twomey-Lee, Andrea Magnorsky, and Michael Twomey, who are also founders of Coding Grace and have been involved with the tech community for many years.

Our goal is to chat about engineering over a nice cup of tea.

The first series of talks will feature 3 guest speakers, each virtual session live-streamed will be followed by an unconference-style breakouts for discussions.

Our first speaker will be Laura Nolan. Principal Software Engineer on Tuesday March 26th (1PM-3PM) followed by John Looney, Senior Engineering Manager on Thursday April 4 (1PM-3PM), and our final speaker of our inaugural series is Patricia Aas, Principal Consultant & CTO on Tuesday May 7th (6PM-8PM).

Tickets are €5.00 per session, and will take place virtually, and can be purchased here.

For more information, contact:

Vicky Twomey-Lee

About Coding Grace

Coding Grace is a registered not-for-profit organisation. The organisation is inspired by a computer scientist and mathematician, Grace Hopper, who was a pioneer in computer programming.

Founded in 2012 by Vicky Twomey-Lee, Andrea Magnorsky, and Michael Twomey out of frustration from the lack of diversity in tech events.

They decided to do something about it by providing diversity-friendly workshops and events in a safe environment for developers and aspiring developers mentored by diverse instructors from the industry.

Coding Grace tries to ensure their events are diverse, and encourage underserved folks who want to mentor, and facilitate these technical sessions to help out, it’s not that scary after all!

The team has more than a decade’s experience being involved with women in tech user groups based in Ireland such as PyLadies Dublin, Women Who Code Dublin as well as many more years experience in the professional tech industry.

Coding Grace aims to provide a support network for people from all backgrounds, and hope their outreach will help bring those who are interested in code development together and learn from one another.

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