Clubforce releases biggest-ever update: Clubforce NextGen

Today marks a new era for Irish sports tech company, Clubforce, with the roll-out of the biggest update to their sports club management system: Clubforce NextGen.

The platform combines Clubforce’s extensive experience working with thousands of sports clubs globally, alongside the very latest in technology, design and security. The net result is Ireland’s most advanced and secure sports club management platform.

Clubforce NextGen is designed to significantly reduce the growing administrative burden on club volunteers whilst also helping them grow their fundraising. “We’ve helped thousands of clubs reach their strategic goals and fundraising targets”, commented Clubforce CEO, Noel Murray, “the NextGen platform builds on this by adding a whole new level of innovation on top.”

There are a wide range of tools for clubs available within the platform. Clubforce NextGen can help streamline membership registration and communication; event registrations (such as Summer Camps); growing a recurring fundraising income; building a club website and communicating within the club. The platform is fully integrated and incorporates a brand-new mobile app, Clubforce Connect.

Ensuring volunteers are able to fulfil their legal obligations around their club data is also at the forefront of the new platform. Clubforce is the only sports club management platform in Ireland certified to international standards for data security (ISO27001). “The legal responsibilities and liability around securing club member’s data are very onerous for volunteer-led clubs.”, continued Murray, “We have completed this strict certification so that clubs can have peace of mind that when they choose Clubforce, they will have fully met their responsibilities.”

The club product is just one part of a significant investment in innovation for the business. The club platform is designed to form part of a wider digital ecosystem connecting clubs through to leagues, regional, national and international sports associations.

To celebrate the launch, on top of its competitive annual charges, Clubforce is offering additional reductions to new clubs moving to the platform including zero setup fees and a free website builder worth over €300.

The Clubforce NextGen platform is available immediately, and for more information click here.

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