Climate Progress Hinges on Both Technological Innovation and Change in Consumer Behaviour, Thomas Schoos

In the New Net Zero show, Thomas Schoos explains how Luxembourg has learned they must address consumer consumption habits.

Luxembourg’s government has made a commitment to mainstream the principle of environmental sustainability across all of its activities. In the newest Net Zero show – Net Zero Speaks with Thomas Schoos – climate activist Salmah Musa interviews Schoos on his country’s progress in its race to net zero. Schoos, the Director of Strategy and Communication at the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development in Luxembourg, discusses the numerous strategies his country has put in place to address global warming, including their work with youth activist platforms and climate-vulnerable countries.

Climate Needs Innovation and Change in Consumer Behaviour, Thomas Schoos

Schoos admits that early on in their response to the climate crisis, they had hoped that tech alone would address the issues. “Many people hoped we could handle the problem just by innovating,” he says, adding: “We have learned we have to address consumer consumption habits.”

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The Protect Our Planet Movement in association with Planet Classroom has launched the acclaimed Net Zero video and podcast series in which 24 youth climate activists from the Protect Our Planet (POP) Movement in association with Planet Classroom ask international thought leaders working on the environment the big questions as to how their nations are progressing towards their 2050 Net Zero pledges.

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