CENTR hosts event on access and cybersecurity in the European domain space

CENTR, the association of European country code top-level domain registries (ccTLDs), yesterday hosted an event on access and cybersecurity, where speakers discussed the role of the internet infrastructure actors such as ccTLDs registries in online security, stability, and resilience.

Entitled ‘Access & Cybersecurity: streamlining end-users’ experience in accessing a safe and secure European domain space’, the event brought together speakers and audience members from EU institutions, stakeholders in the internet space, and CENTR’s membership. The discussion revolved around how to strike the balance between the cybersecurity of infrastructure and user safety online, while maintaining an easy access to the space. The discussion explored the role country-code top-level domains play in this and how industry and policymakers can continue to work together to address these issues going forward.

Pearse O’Donohue, Director for the Future Networks Directorate of DG CONNECT at the European Commission, said, “At the European Commission we are fervently committed to the multistakeholder model, and continued discussion with trusted experts from the industry and the wider DNS community is crucial in order for policy makers to create legislation that is implementable and proportionate. We must work together to make sure that those who are acting in bad faith don’t undercut those who are playing by the rules”.

Peter Vergote, Legal & Corporate Affairs Manager at .be registry DNS Belgium said, “The success of ccTLDs lies in the trust of our users. By aligning at European level we can provide users with a secure online space that has minimal abuse and maximum safety. We must focus on the sustainable growth of our industry and help users identify and avoid less reliable players”. Kristian Ørmen, Vice President Registry Services of .se registry Internetstiftelsen, added, “We have an important educational responsibility as a community and as authorities. By increasing the awareness of citizens, users, law enforcement, policy makers, and the internet community as a whole, we can ensure greater safety online for everyone”.

The first of its kind for CENTR, the event took place as a complementary discussion to CENTR’s 70th Legal and Regulatory workshop of 7th February, which gathers CENTR members from across Europe to share insights on compliance and implementation of cybercrime-related legislation. It launches a series of events which will delve into CENTR’s principles ‘Towards a Stronger Internet: Principles for the Next Digital Decade’, the association’s proposed framework for safeguarding Europe’s digital future in the decade ahead.

Polina Malaja, Policy Director at CENTR, noted, “We are delighted to have been able to host this event on the occasion of our members gathering in Brussels for our Legal and Regulatory workshop. This was a unique opportunity to discuss the intricacies of how the internet infrastructure and EU institutions can work together to protect users online, while maintaining reliable access to secure and safe domain space in Europe. Thanks again to all who participated in making this an engaging and valuable discussion.”

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