CeADAR launches new digital news platform for Artificial Intelligence

CeADAR, Ireland’s National Centre for Applied AI, has launched AI NewsHub, a smart and easy-to-use digital news platform for reliable information on global developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

CeADAR’s aim is to inform the AI community in Ireland and worldwide by providing free, reliable, and up-to-date information anywhere and anytime. AI NewsHub in itself uses AI to source information on AI and related topics to make accessing accurate and fresh information about AI simple and straightforward.

The AI system developed by CeADAR employs natural language processing to automatically summarise each article, saving readers time.

Up to now, any business or individual trying to keep abreast of developments in AI has had to engage in laborious searches that often yield poor quality or inaccurate information.

By only sourcing information from reputable outlets, AI NewsHub maintains a tight quality control on the information it provides to its users. All original sources of the material will be acknowledged and all stories will be linked back to the original publishing source.

The initiative reflects the fact that artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm to the extent that no industry vertical is uninfluenced by the applications of AI. The global AI market was worth $328 billion in 2021, and it has a 39.4% CAGR forecast for 2022 to 2028. AI is also expected to touch 85 million jobs and add 95 million jobs to the global economy.

The AI news portal was developed by CeADAR’s team of data scientists, led by Technology Solutions Lead Dr. Arsalan Shahid.

In building AI NewsHub, the CeADAR team focused on delivering elegance in architecture, functionality and layout while ensuring that the site is accessible, focused on credible regional and international news sources, has a good user interface and is ultra-responsive on multiple devices.

Technology Solutions Lead and Head of CeADAR Connect Group, Dr. Arsalan Shahid said:

“Business, industry, academic and research communities need help to access high-quality information in a timely manner. Information gathering from too many sources in a fast-moving world can be overwhelming and time-consuming. AI NewsHub eliminates those problems by providing immediate accurate information on developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI NewsHub users can now spend time absorbing the information they need rather than searching for it.” 

CeADAR Centre Director Dr. Edward McDonnell said: 

“Already, since the release of CeADAR’s AI NewsHub it has become an indispensable tool enabling me to more easily keep current with developments in AI global and nationally. The AI-powered summarisation engine is brilliant for condensing long articles into easily digestible chunks. It’s a great resource and well worth a try!”

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