Cashbook celebrating 30 years, what’s next? Greg Coulter, CEO Cashbook

In the past 30 years the tech industry has had its up’s and downs, and some well known companies are no longer around or they have been bought. So when a a tech company is around for 30 years that is quite a milestone. One such tech company that recently celebrated 30 years in business is Cashbook, also one of Irelands best kept secrets. Ronan talks to Greg Coulter the CEO of Cashbook.

Greg talks about how Cashbook started, their 30 year journey, wanting more Irish clients and more.

More about Cashbook:

Their purpose is to build super intelligent cash management software solutions which maximise the automation of high volume financial transactions. Since 1992, they have been applying a special blend of finance and technology expertise to maximise the automation of high volume financial transactions for large organisations around the globe.

The Cashbook team have a deep understanding of Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Rec functions as well as banking and ERP technologies and processes. Their cash management software technology helps their clients create more intelligent, more automated, more feature rich financial operations. they have led implementations of cash management software solutions in over 25 countries, in a multiplicity of demanding environments, for 100+ global companies and organisations.

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