Buglife set to create a buzz across London

Conservation charity Buglife are pleased to announce that a new B-Line has been mapped across London as they extend their UK-wide network of ‘insect superhighways’.

B-Lines are designed to reconnect our landscapes, enabling pollinators and other wildlife to move freely, and supporting nature’s recovery. They are a network of corridors across the UK to prioritise where new wildflower-rich habitats can best help our declining insect pollinators. After identifying more potential routes for pollinators in London, Buglife has mapped a new B-Line that weaves from east to west, across the capital, working together with Greenspace Information for Greater London, the city’s environmental records centre. Creating more corridors and stepping stones of wildlife-friendly habitat in London will help its pollinators to thrive.

Buglife set to create a buzz across London

With the B-Line now confirmed, Buglife are inviting everyone to contribute and to add their pollinator projects, no matter how big or small, to the online B-Lines map. Whether you are growing flowers in a window box, leaving a corner of your garden to go wild, or just mowing the lawn less often – your actions help secure a future for our pollinators.

Coinciding with the launch of the new B-Line, Buglife is also excited to launch a new project, ‘Get London Buzzing’; creating opportunities for people who live and work in and across London to help pollinating insects in their local area.

Get London Buzzing will deliver a series of events and workshops to showcase how best to create pollinator-friendly habitats across the city and inspire action. Through the project, Londoners can also access training on how to survey, monitor, and conserve pollinators into the future. Get London Buzzing will also be partnering with schools to ensure children across London are empowered to take action for pollinating insects.

Scarlett Weston, Get London Buzzing Community Engagement Officer said, “We will be working with communities, delivering exciting events to champion pollinators, raise awareness of the threats that they face, and teach people how they can best protect them. We want to inspire people to plant more beautiful wildflowers across London and help us realise our B-Lines vision.”

If you are interested in how you can be a part of ‘Get London Buzzing’, please visit https://www.buglife.org.uk/projects/get-london-buzzing/.

For more information about B-Lines, or to add your own wildflower areas to the B-Lines network, please visit https://www.buglife.org.uk/our-work/b-lines/.


Buglife is the only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates our aim is to halt the extinction of invertebrate species and to achieve sustainable populations of invertebrates. Invertebrates are vitally important to a healthy planet – humans and other life forms could not survive without them. The food we eat, the fish we catch, the birds we see, the flowers we smell and the hum of life we hear, simply would not exist without bugs. Invertebrates underpin life on earth and without them the world’s ecosystems would collapse. www.buglife.org.uk  | @Buzz_dont_tweet


B-Lines are an imaginative and beautiful solution to the problem of the loss of flowers and pollinators. The B-Lines are a series of ‘insect pathways’ running through our countryside and towns, along which we are restoring and creating a series of wildflower-rich habitat stepping stones. They link existing wildlife areas together, creating a network, like a railway, that will weave across the British landscape. This will provide large areas of brand new habitat benefiting bees and butterflies – but also a host of other wildlife.  Find out more about B-Lines through the B-Lines Insect Superhighways report

Get London Buzzing |

“Get London Buzzing” is creating opportunities for people who live and work in London to help pollinating insects in their local area.  The project will be delivering exciting events to champion pollinators, raise awareness of the threats that they face, and teach people how to protect them through workshops for local communities, showing how people can best create pollinator-friendly habitats in their gardens and green spaces.

Get London Buzzing is funded by Kusuma Trust UK, Green the UK and Milkywire

Greenspace Information for Greater London |

Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC is London’s environmental records centre. They offer a wide range of services from advice and consultancy through to mapping tools and data collection.

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