Bringing new marine discoveries to Ireland with the RV Tom Crean, Aodhán Fitzgerald, Irish Marine Institute

We catch up with Aodhán Fitzgerald, Irish Marine Institute to learn more about the RV Tom Crean, from it’s commissioning, to it’s construction, and it’s positive environmental specifications.

The RV Tom Crean, Aodhán Fitzgerald, Irish Marine Institute


Aodhán holds a Bachelor of Marine Science (University College Galway), a Masters in Environmental Science (Trinity College Dublin) and a Diploma in Shipping Management (Lloyds Maritime Academy). Aodhán has over 16 years’ senior management experience as manager of the RV Celtic Explorer and RV Celtic Voyager, and is the project manager for the design and build of the new RV Tom Crean.

Aodhán has served as Chairperson of the International Research Ship Operators (IRSO) group and is the co-ordinator of the €10 million Horizon 2020 Research Infrastructure project Eurofleets+ (2019-2023).

Aodhán joined the Marine Institute in 2003, initially working in the area of development of marine renewables and was responsible for the establishment of the Galway Bay Marine Renewable Test Site in 2006. Prior to joining the Institute, Aodhán trained as a commercial airline pilot with Aer Lingus and worked as an environmental engineer with Medtronic Galway.

More about the Irish The Marine Institute

The Marine Institute is the State agency responsible for marine research, technology development and innovation in Ireland. The Marine Institute provides government, public agencies and the maritime industry with a range of scientific, advisory and economic development services that inform policy-making, regulation and the sustainable management and growth of Ireland’s marine resources.

The Institute undertakes, coordinates and promotes marine research and development, which is essential to achieving a sustainable ocean economy, protecting ecosystems and inspiring a shared understanding of the ocean.

The Marine Institute manages the operations of Ireland’s two marine research vessels, the RV Celtic Explorer and the RV Tom Crean. Commissioned in 2022, the RV Tom Crean is used by the Marine Institute and other State agencies and universities to undertake fisheries research, oceanographic and environmental research, seabed mapping surveys; as well as maintaining and deploying weather buoys, observational infrastructure and Remotely Operated Vehicles.

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