Bridging the gap between crypto and traditional finance, Michael Stroev, COO Nebeus

We catch up with Michael Stroev to learn more about his innovative new business Nebeus and how it is solving the problem of bringing crypto and traditional finance together.

Bridging the gap between crypto and traditional finance, Michael Stroev, COO Nebeus

Michael Stroev is an ex-founder with over ten years of experience developing products and managing business operations in eight diverse industries. Before joining Nebeus, he founded startups VIDI and Deskmates and ran Alter-View, an advertising & digital marketing agency, for several years. During his studies, he was part of the founding team of one of the world’s first and leading French social networks.

Michael has been a consultant to multiple founders, helping them design products, build their marketing strategies, and raise investments. He studied at the American University of Paris and is a Professional Scrum Master with PSM certification.

Michael joined Nebeus in 2020 as the COO & Head of Product and took Nebeus from zero to 20M€ in gross revenue, issuing more than 8M€ of crypto-backed loans in 2021. In two and a half years, Michael grew Nebeus’s valuation from 3.3M€ to 40M€.

Michael is a blockchain and crypto-lending market expert who believes that the future will be Web3.

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Nebeus is a leading European financial app and desktop platform for crypto hodlers, bridging crypto & FIAT payments.

We give crypto investors dedicated money accounts with personal IBANs (EUR) & Sort Codes & Account Numbers (GBP), connected to a whole ecosystem of crypto services.

In short, we have become the first company to successfully bridge crypto and traditional finance for consumers with a complete banking framework connected to a crypto ecosystem.

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