Bosch Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum cleaner, reviewed

We look at the Bosch Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum cleaner which has been recently launched. See more about the range of products on their website here.

Bosch Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum cleaner, reviewed

We have had positive experiences with Bosch hammer drills and other DIY power tools, but this was our first outing with a vacuum cleaner product from Bosch. Generally our reviewers were positively predisposed towards the product due to a combination of previous experiences with other Bosch products, and then also because the vacuum cleaner has moved towards the model of another major player in the vacuum cleaner business. The question then was how did this one perform.

First up it is light and flexible which works, especially when you want to get cobwebs and other things that are not simply in the the middle of the floor. At the same time we have always been concerned with other iterations along this concept whether we are about to snap the plastic while using it – the inevitable trade off between flexibility, lightness to use, and yet also durability .

During the time frame that we have used it so far this has not proved to be a problem, but of course it will be interesting to see how it performs after a year of regular usage. It does seem quite durable, and it is listed as weighing less than 3kgs, so it does seem to be operating at, or close to the sweet spot to deal with these challenges.

While we all know pretty much how a vacuum cleaner works, it was still positive to hear from our testers that they were able to assemble it quickly and easily, with it all coming together in a logical and fairly hassle free way. Using it too was also intuitive, which is great because we do aim for a wide range of ages to use the vacuum cleaner, and all the testers seemed to pick it up pretty quickly.

More details about the product

Effortless handling: easy cleaning thanks to convenient functions such as Flex Tube and Quick Stand

Ergonomic features for high convenience and flexibility.

Enjoy more versatility! The convenient Flex Tube makes it possible to reach places under low furniture effortlessly, the Easy Parking Clip lets you securely hold the tool in place during breaks, and the Quick Stand allows flexible cleaning with the handheld while the nozzle and tube stand by themselves.

With the Nozzle Foot Release you can detach the nozzle from the tube without bending over to easily switch to spot cleaning with the practical tube. This makes the Unlimited 7 perfect for cleaning all types of floors and surfaces, as well as hard-to-reach areas.

Free 10-year motor guarantee: long lasting performance with Bosch motor technology made in Germany.

Bosch Motor Technology – Quality made in Germany.

Enjoy powerful, constant performance with Bosch vacuum cleaners: Developing and producing our high-performance motors in Germany for over 80 years, we not only expect a vacuum cleaner to deliver optimal results but also to be long-lasting. Which is why we provide a 10-year motor guarantee***.

Power For All Alliance: the battery pack is compatible with many Bosch products and other brands.

Power For All Alliance. One battery for your entire home.

Most devices have different batteries, which can be expensive. The exchangeable batteries are part of one of the largest cross-brand 18V battery systems. They are compatible with many 18V power tools and gardening devices from Bosch and other brands e.g. Gardena, Gloria, Wagner and Rapid.

Easy emptying: fast and hygienic emptying of the dustbox.
Easy emptying of dustbox and no filter washing.

Emptying the dustbox should be hygienic and worry free. You can empty the box without creating a dust cloud and can clean the filter without washing. Simply remove the dustbox, turn the red wheel and empty it directly into the bin.

RotationClean: fast and easy filter cleaning – no filter washing needed.

Three product range: Choose the vacuum cleaner that suits your needs

AllFloor Dynamic Power Brush with LED lights: Perfect for carpets and hard floors, the powerful LED lights help you see hidden dirt for spotless cleaning results.

Effortless handling: easy cleaning thanks to convenient functions such as Flex Tube and Quick Stand.

A wide range of accessories: these include attachments for cleaning mattresses, pet baskets and computer keyboards.

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