Bolt to ramp up regional ebike schemes and trial rider safety score initiative

Bolt, the European mobility champion, is adding additional electric bikes to each of its regional schemes in anticipation of demand this Spring and Summer. Sligo and Kilkenny will benefit from 30 additional electric bikes each, bringing the total in each town to 100 and 80 respectively.

Bolt Operations Manager for Rentals in Ireland, John Buckley, said, “We have been thrilled by the success of our shared electric bike schemes in Sligo and Kilkenny. Our team at Bolt assesses a location, we agree on a max number of bikes with its Local Authority, and we gradually ramp up supply based on how riders, pedestrians, and other road users become accustomed to the scheme. This allows for controlled and responsible operations.

“With the additional parking bays in place, Sligo and Kilkenny are ready for the final tranche of electric bikes. Since launching in the summer of 2022, over 120,000 KM has been travelled on our Electric Bikes across our locations and, with additional schemes to come in 2023, we hope to reach 300,000 KM by the end of the year.”

Bolt surveyed electric bike users in Sligo and Kilkenny that opted for this sustainable mode of transport over cars and found that the shared scheme has saved 16,913 km of car trips in Ireland to date, approximately 1,765 kg of CO2.

Each town has successfully utilised over 40 designated parking bays thanks to town councils and local businesses that recognised the demand for infrastructure. To ensure the continued growth of the schemes, 10 more parking bays have been earmarked for each town.

Sligo Councillor Marie Casserly said, “This initiative is so positive for Sligo town. The feedback has been universally positive from locals and visitors alike. To see these bikes being used so often is heartening. It also shows that Sligo County Council take our Active Travel and Climate Action plan responsibilities seriously and we are all playing our part.

There is a positive progressive image with the inclusion of the Bolt electric bike scheme.”

Gerard Moore, Director and General Manager of Sligo Park Hotel said, “We are thrilled with the news that Bolt bicycles are increasing the number of bicycles in Sligo up to its full complement of 100. The bicycles have been used and are being used by our guests and employees and the feedback has been fantastic. We’re delighted to be associated with Bolt and Sligo County Council on this initiative.”

Bolt has previously earmarked up to €5m in its bid to roll out electric bike operations across Irish cities and towns with up to 2000 bikes available to deploy immediately as required. The European Mobility Champion recently announced upcoming launches of shared electric bike schemes in Bray and Wexford.

The Government recently committed to promoting e-mobility solutions in cities and towns and will be relying on such schemes to provide essential alternatives for commuters as Demand Management solutions are considered in the coming year.

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