Blink and the World has Changed – Have you Trouble Keeping Up?

Change is inevitable. The scary bit is that the changes are now so quick and dramatic, whether it’s forest fires, flooding, or layoffs in the Tech industry, once thought to be invincible.

The same applies to your business.

If you are doing business the same way you were ten or five years ago, you better look out as your competitors change, adapt, and find ways to attract your customers.

Doing what you’ve always done is not an option!

A Clients Story

Some time ago, I was contacted by a successful Irish company trading in Ireland and the UK for over twenty years.

What they wanted help with was the following:

They have been successfully offering their specialist industry support and hardware for all this time, upgrading their offering as technology moved forward.

However, they now believe it is time to bring a Cloud offering to an industry long established in their working methods and could be resistant to change.

The company also needed a new story to encourage its existing customers to take a leap of faith and move to the cloud with them.

Over a short time, we have created a story and a deck in partnership, which they are very comfortable and confident presenting to their clients.

Their new offering is transformative, and when clients take their advice and move forward in partnership, their efficiency and new business opportunities are limitless.

Here are some of the advantages to their existing and potential new customers:

The latest support technology will be available to them. While their older, slower processing equipment, over time will not need to be upgraded.

The opportunity to bid for bigger contracts knowing they have the technology on tap to meet their customer’s needs immediately.

Delays in seeking approval or availability of capital expenditure no longer necessary.

Put very simply:

My client is offering their customers the opportunity to execute their existing business with greater efficiency with the bonus of reducing energy costs and carbon output.

Call to action:

Whatever business you are in, I am sure AI and Cloud are disrupting your marketplace.

With my guidance we can create a new story to propel your business forward into this exciting marketplace.

By Executive Coach Andrew Keogh of