Bitcoin treasure hunt in St. Anne’s, Raheny, April 29th

On April 29th, the Dublin Bitcoiners group will host a unique treasure hunt event  in St. Anne’s Park, situated between Raheny and Clontarf. The event aims to promote awareness of  Bitcoin in a fun and interactive way. The treasure hunt requires participants to find 12 seed words  that will unlock a Bitcoin wallet. Each seed word is protected by two riddles that participants must  solve to access them. 

Bitcoin treasure hunt in St. Anne’s, Raheny, April 29th

St. Anne’s Park is a large public park in Dublin with over 130 hectares of amenities, including  walking trails, sports fields, a rose garden, a playground, and features and follies. Participants will  need to become familiar with the park and its locations to have a chance of successfully completing  the treasure hunt. 

At 1 pm on the day of the event, the Dublin Bitcoiners Twitter account will post 12 location riddles  numbered from 1 to 12. Participants must solve these riddles to find different locations within the  park where they will meet the Riddlers. The Riddlers will present participants with another riddle to solve, and the answer will be one of the 12 seed words needed to access the Bitcoin wallet. The  Riddlers will be wearing orange BTC t-shirts, making them easy to spot. 

To get a head start, participants can solve a location riddle that is posted on the group’s website Those who solve it will receive all 12 location riddles before they’re posted  on Twitter and can meet the organizers at the edge of the park at 12:30 pm on the day of the event. 

Once participants have solved all 24 riddles and have all 12 seed words in order, they will need to  restore a Bitcoin wallet and then send the Bitcoin to a wallet that only they can access. The treasure currently at 1.3 million sats, ( sats are bits of a Bitcoin think, dollars and cents) about €350, and will hopefully grow until the day of the hunt. 

The Dublin Bitcoiners group hopes that this event will encourage more people to explore Bitcoin.  As Bitcoin continues to gain popularity and acceptance, events like these serve as a way to educate  and promote awareness of the benefits of Bitcoin. With events like the Dublin Bitcoiners treasure  hunt, the future of Bitcoin looks bright in Ireland and beyond. 

DublinBitcoiners group meets on the last Saturday of every month. To find out more visit their  website or twitter page @dublinbitcoiner. 

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