Biohacking Longevity with Swedish Biohacker and Futurist, Hannes Sjoblad

Can Longevity be Biohacked?

In this weeks TF, Brett King interviews Swedish Biohacker and Futurist, Hannes Sjoblad. The two futurists get into the evolution of biohacking and longevity treatments, the merging of man and machine through implants, neural/brain control interfaces and advanced robotic prosthetics. This is advanced application of technology for the future of health and life span could be transformative.

Swedish Biohacker and Futurist, Hannes Sjoblad

Hannes Sjöblad is a well- known lecturer on the impact of technology on society and people.

Today in 2024, he is active as Chief Disrupti on Officer at the innovation house Epicenter , as a program manager for the Disruption Land podcast , as a board member of Techledarna and as a founder of the deeptech companies Meucci and Syndata .

Previous engagements include program manager for the award-winning climate documentary Jakten på Kraften , technology scout at the Swedish pavilion at the world exhibition Expo2020 and in interviews in e.g. NyTeknik , DN and GP .

He lectures in Swedish and English and has appeared at the Singularity Summit, TEDxBerlin, Webbdagarna, Biohacker Summit, Studentafton in Lund, and more.

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