Bioenergetics with Harry Massey, founder of NES Health & CEO of Energy4Life

Harry Massey is a Bioenergetic expert and speaker, founder of NES Health, CEO of Energy4Life, and Chairman of XPO Health ( He has published multiple books and has directed several documentary films – including the award-winning film “The Living Matrix” – to educate and inspire the general public about bioenergetics and bio-informational approaches to health and well-being.

Having overcome serious illness in his youth, Harry founded NES Health in 2002. The company is dedicated to fostering a 21st-century system of healthcare based on the integration of physics and biology. Harry has created several cutting-edge technologies including BioEnergetiX, the world’s first practical clinical system for reading and correcting the body’s energetic field. He continues to innovate cutting-edge technologies that have made him the world’s leader in bioenergetic medicine.

Ronan talks to Harry about his interesting backstory, founding NES Health, how the pandemic impacted NES Health and its clients, his latest start-up and more.

More about Harry Massey:

Harry Massey is an entrepreneur with a very interesting backstory. He spent nearly 10 years suffering from severe chronic fatigue syndrome. His troubles began when he was 21-years-old and was ice climbing on Ben Nevis in Scotland. There he was a few hundred meters up, when he carefully placed his ice pick above himself, made his move and then the ice shattered.

He fell backwards about 30 feet but somehowI managed to get his ice pick to bite into the steep slope, stopping him falling further. However he had landed on his back. Shaken and in pain, he staggered to his feet and as nothing seemed broken, he kept climbing. Harry later learn that he had fractured his spine. He was lucky to be alive, but instead of resting and recovering, he mismanaged his energy. He kept pushing until he had nothing left to give. This resulted in 7 long years been bedridden with severe chronic fatigue syndrome that no Western medical or alternative health practitioner could cure.

Through his own research, he stumbled onto bioenergetics, the study of energy in living systems, and reached out to the late Peter Fraser, a visionary scientific thinker, researcher, and leading professor in the field. Professor Fraser had spent more than 20 years researching and developing remedies to detect and correct energy in the body. He quickly became Professor Fraser’s “guinea pig” testing protocols and treatments.

It took two long years, but thanks to Professor Fraser’s work, he restored his energy and reclaimed his life. What started as a deeply personal journey to regain his energy for life quickly transformed into his life’s mission: to help people learn how to better manage their physical and emotional energy so they can regain their energy for life. After co-founding his first company, NES Health and starting and leading other companies, he launched Energy4Life.

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