Avant Arte announces 2024 digital art programme

Avant Arte, the curated marketplace that makes discovering and owning art radically more accessible, announces its first selection of artists to be included in its 2024 digital art programme.

Avant Arte digital art programme

the course of the year, Avant Arte will collaborate with renowned digital artists including Dawnia Darkstone, William Mapan, Matt DesLauriers, Laura El, Deekay, Emily Xie, Grant Riven Yun, mpkoz, Martin Grasser and Linda Dounia.

William Mapan, Centrifuge, 2024, prints from the edition of by Avant Arte, image courtesy of Avant ArteGenerative artists – Coding the physical In a first-time collaboration, Avant Arte partners with leading generative artist Matt Deslauriers this February for a time-limited print edition and 4 NFTs that will be available to all for 48 hours only.

The new work is the culmination of an in-depth study by the artists into colour theory that has seen him explore the translation of his practice from CYMK to RGB as he continues the aesthetic exploration commenced in his most well-known series, Meridian. The work will be announced tomorrow,

Later in the year, we will collaborate with fellow generative artists including Emily Xie known for her Memories of Quilin work inspired by historic quilts in LACMA’s collection and her Off Script works that explore collage through coding; Senegalese artist Linda Dounia who explores power structures and the biases of AI through her generative practice and is most known for her AI in Bloom series, and Martin Grasser who rose to prominence for his design of the original Twitter blue bird Logo as a designer and his systems-based practice that saw him collaborate with revered early generative artist Vera Molnár to bring her works to the blockchain.

In addition, Avant Arte will release a curated selection of works by mpkoz.

Growing Up – A landmark solo exhibition for Grant Riven Yun
Avant Arte and Grant Riven Yun will present Growing Up, his first solo exhibition in Seoul, South Korea in March 2024. Growing Up will present 13 new physical works, all made at Avant Arte’s master printmakers Make-Ready, that continue Yun’s work of documenting American regionalism. The works respond to the period he lived part-time in New England between 2019-2023. The nostalgia associated with the architecture and landscape of the region led him to reflect on his own experience as a second-generation Korean-American and presenting this new chapter of his practice in Seoul, South Korea marks a full circle moment for the artist.

Cozomo de’ Medici curation continued
Continuing their collaboration of curated releases, Cozomo de’ Medici has selected Wiliam Mapan, Dawnia Darkstone, Laura El and Deekay as the first artists for the year ahead. Both William Mapan and Dawnia Darkstone’s editions, Centrifuge and Digital Chemicals, respectively sold out after launch earlier this month. A digital illustrator and author that treads the line between eerie and quaint, Laura El will release Park Avenue, an exclusive limited edition of 30 physical prints with accompanying NFTs of the same artwork in early February.

Followed by the release of Deekay’s inaugural physical print, Love Ripples on Valentine’s Day. Love Ripples sees Deekay’s work printed on a mirrored metal composite by Avant Arte’s master printmakers, Make-Ready who have led the way in creating innovative new printing methods to bring the digital into the physical realm.

Avant Arte is known for collaborating with leading contemporary artists like Ai Weiwei, Anish Kapoor, Jenny Holzer and Nina Chanel Abney to produce and offer limited edition works – from sculpture and works on paper to NFTs and hand-finished screen prints. In 2022, it added digital art to its offering with the ambition to bridge the divide between digital and physical art and to support artists’ creative output across any medium.

Last year, they significantly expanded their digital arts programme, bringing their printmaking expertise to a series of major collaborations which included: bringing all 10,000 CryptoPunks in to the physical realm for the first time; working with Dmitri Cherniak to release “Ringers #962: The LACMA Iterations”, a print and accompanying NFT to raise funds for LACMA; releasing the first fine-art print from Erick ‘Snowfro’ Calderon’s Chromie Squiggles series; and partnering with the renowned digital art patron and collector Cozomo de’ Medici to curate a programme of artist collaborations and limited physical editions with Luis Ponce, Ripcache, Jake Fried, and Alpha Centauri Kid.

Throughout the year, Avant Arte will announce more digital artists in its programme for 2024.

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