Auxilion secures new deals worth €8m with launch of Enhanced Service Management Platform

Auxilion, a leading provider of digitally transformative IT managed services and solutions, has announced that it has secured €8 million in new deals after launching its enhanced service management platform. This business consists of four new contracts, including several HPE GreenLake cloud solutions and the provision of service management support over the next three years.

Auxilion has invested €1.5 million in its new service management capabilities which is part of a broader Managed Services Continuous Improvement Programme (MSCIP). The offering, soft launched in July 2023, significantly enhances the company’s service delivery and support capabilities for its clients.

It also addresses the rising demand in the market to enhance user experiences, digitise processes and collate data sources, with service management creating a single model that unifies digital operations and simplifies IT management for organisations.

Auxilion’s new offering allows companies to orchestrate and collate company data which is often captured in disparate locations or stored on legacy systems and spread across various channels or formats. As well as streamlining the storage and management of such information, it improves communication and collaboration throughout and across organisations.

Furthermore, by enhancing the user experience and digitising processes, the ecosystem – which is underpinned by technologies including ServiceNow TPSM (Technology Provider Service Management), ScienceLogic and N-Able – can boost productivity among staff and improve service delivery for customers.

Auxilion’s enhanced service management platform will also simplify the management of companies’ technology infrastructure, while providing a unified platform which delivers greater visibility and efficiency. This will result in reduced downtime and ensure peak performance across IT tools and systems. The platform also delivers new Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities which will further boost productivity, ensure operational continuity and support business growth for organisations.

Donal Sullivan, CTO, Auxilion, said: “The nature of IT is fundamentally changing across modern organisations, and IT itself needs to profoundly change how it supports business functions and, indeed, where its perceived value lies. As opposed to IT leading with IT projects, we see the need to empower business leaders by giving them the platforms and tools to drive their own projects, with technologies supporting them.

“Every business function – whether it be in operations, finance or HR – needs to understand how technology can be used to empower leadership, while aligning with and driving business performance. The processes, technology, people, knowledge and governance that ensure strategic initiatives are set-up for success need to be underscored by cohesive service management capabilities.”

Philip Maguire, CEO, Auxilion, added: “The IT managed services sector is primed to experience a disruptive change on the same magnitude as the impact of the internet – a total gamechanger.  This is happening within the context of struggling IT departments which are battling against increased demand for security monitoring, threat protection and outages. With the growing prominence, or soon to be dominance, of AI, businesses will need more proactive and innovative service management capabilities.

“Our investment in tooling and training to enhance our capabilities firmly puts us at the forefront of crossing this chasm of IT disruption, supporting customers on their transformation and innovation journeys. We’ve been quietly showcasing our proposition to the market and the appetite is there for an offering that optimises how companies support users, manage data and deliver for customers.”

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