Annual EdTech Learnovation summit returns to in-person event at Croke Park

The Learnovate Centre, Ireland’s leading future of work and learning research hub, will host its annual Learnovation summit at Croke Park in Dublin on October 20.

The theme of Learnovation 2022 is ‘The Future of Learning is Now’, with speakers ranging from scholars, corporate executives, and technical experts on hand to update attendees on emerging trends in learning technology and what they can expect going forward.

The event, which is Learnovate’s first summit to be held in person since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, will be hosted by Jane Ross, EMEA Education Lead for Zoom.

It will feature keynote speakers: Stella Collins, co-founder of Stellar Labs; Frances Kleven, Director of Customer Experience at LearnUpon; and Rachel Collins, Research Lead and Curriculum Developer at OER Project.

Other speakers include John Farrell, Director of Product Marketing at ETU, a firm that provides simulation-based training platforms for corporations; Niall Campion, Managing Director of VRAI, which uses virtual reality technology to bring immersive simulations to dangerous operational environments; and Dr Jennifer O’Sullivan, Lecturer in Education Literacy at the Marino Institute of Education.

Among the schedule of Q&A sessions and workshops, there will also be panel discussions featuring leading talent such as Sinead Murnane, Product Manager for the Mastercard Learning Lab; Dr Amelia Kelly, an artificial intelligence engineer and scientist specialising in automatic speech recognition of children’s voices at Soapbox Labs; and Dr Patricia McCarthy, a member of the National Council for Special Education and TCD lecturer with a focus on the education experiences of learners with disabilities.

Learnovate Centre Director Nessa McEniff, Learnovate Chairperson Jonny Parkes, and Director of Trinity Research and Innovation, Leonard Hobbs, will be among the special guests at the event.

Learnovation 2022 will run from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on October 20. Registration for the event can be completed online at Learnovation 2022.

Learnovate Centre Director Nessa McEniff said:

“Learnovation 2022 is a perfect opportunity for some of the finest minds and most cutting-edge organisations in the learning technology space to gather and discuss the emerging trends in the industry and the role we can play in shaping its future.

“The world has changed dramatically since our last in-person Learnovation summit two years ago. The nature of that change has highlighted the importance of research and development in learning technology, with an increased demand among the workforce at large for remote work and training, and the need for those learning experiences to be better and ever more immersive.

“We’re excited to see what our contributors and speakers have to offer and look forward to hosting them at Croke Park on October 20.”

To register or for more information on the Learnovation Summit, visit