Alpha Wireless Revitalizes 5G Evolution with Revolutionary Small Cell Fusion Platform

Alpha Wireless, a global leader in antennas and streetworks solutions, has introduced the Small Cell Fusion platform. This is the first 5G small cell antenna design that can be mounted mid-pole on existing streetworks infrastructure, achieved by combining three modular panels to create a canister shape. Breaking the boundaries of traditional deployment, this innovative design marries the performance and flexibility of small cell panels with the aesthetics of canister antennas, setting a new benchmark for network densification.
As 5G adoption escalates, the need to further densify networks is driving a shift from macro sites to street-level small cells. Yet, mobile network operators (MNOs) and neutral hosts are challenged to secure new site locations, particularly as cities seek to minimize street clutter. In response to this urgent industry need, Alpha Wireless designed the Small Cell Fusion platform to pioneer a new approach to mounting and concealing antennas on existing street assets, expanding access to sites traditionally off-limits to speed and simplify densification projects.
Built on proven Alpha Wireless antenna performance, the innovative Small Cell Fusion system offers a modular design that is flexible and field-operable, allowing a blend of different panels to be selected based on each cell’s requirements. This enables MNOs to mix and match coverage capabilities for each sector to minimize interference in their existing network without compromising radio frequency (RF) performance.
The Alpha Wireless Small Cell Fusion platform is the first to extend the options available for mounting small cell antennas to include middle-of-pole mounting as well as top-of-pole and side-of-pole. This versatility means small cells can be mounted on lamp posts, utility poles, existing masts, walls and other vertical structures, enabling multi-operator deployments that blend seamlessly with existing infrastructure to meet strict zoning restrictions. Moreover, the modular design not only means that the Small Cell Fusion platform is engineered for adaptability, allowing operators to tailor deployments to evolving network demands, but also that sectors can be changed at any time for a future-ready network investment that’s built to last.
“As network operators shift focus from macro sites to small cells, new tactics are needed to minimise visual impact and simplify RF planning, paving the way to faster permitting and streamlined deployments. Our commitment to innovation has led us to develop the modular Small Cell Fusion platform — the only solution out there that lets you build a canister antenna around the existing pole,” said Fergal Lawlor, Chief Executive Officer, Alpha Wireless. “We created this solution because we believe there are better ways to build wireless networks, and our approach has been proven by overwhelmingly positive industry feedback. This response fuels our excitement to launch this game-changing solution specifically designed to solve real-world densification challenges for 5G and beyond.”
The Small Cell Fusion antenna platform expands Alpha Wireless portfolio of concealment solutions that empower 5G sites to be quickly built out closer to subscribers. To learn more, meet Alpha Wireless in Hall 2 Meeting Room 2A13MR at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 26–29, 2024.
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