Alienware Unveils Expansion to its Peripheral Ecosystem

Dell Technologies has unveiled a major expansion to its Alienware peripheral ecosystem, doubling the size of its current portfolio with options designed for everyone from the deskbound, marathon PC gamers to the maverick who manoeuvres throughout multiple gaming environments. The launch includes a customisable keyboard, two new gaming headsets and a wireless gaming mouse.

Two new headsets with easy controls & crisp Dolby Atmos audio

Alienware’s Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Headset (AW720H) is designed for gamers seeking all-day comfort and immersion. Upon unboxing, you will first notice a wider suspension headband that promotes long-term comfort and soft memory foam ear cups wrapped in a breathable fabric to help keep your head cool when it’s needed most.

Detailed, precise audio is delivered with 40mm hi-res certified drivers and Dolby Atmos, creating 3D surround sound that is designed to amplify every in-game detail – from multiplayer games, RPGs, MMORPGs and any genre in between. The AI noise-cancelling boom microphone helps reduce the impact of ambient sounds on your voice, allowing for crisp communication amongst your friends during high-intensity gaming sessions and leaving you with detailed game audio to keep you a step ahead of your opponent’s next move.

AW720H offers an impressive battery life of up to 30 hours and fast-charging capabilities that let you get up to six hours of battery life from just 15 minutes of charging.

For those that prefer a wired connection, the new Alienware Wired Gaming Headset (AW520H) delivers many similar features as the AW720H, as is it both lightweight and adjustable, supporting longer wear during extended gaming sessions.

Customizable connection and performance with the new Alienware keyboard

The line’s most customizable and responsive mechanical gaming keyboard yet, Alienware’s first wireless gaming keyboard (AW920K) features Tri-Mode connectivity for flexible connection options across a range of gaming devices.

The feature allows to adapt three different playstyles at the user’s fingertips:

—  Experience responsive wireless PC gaming performance using the 2.4GHz wireless USB-C dongle – deploy the convenient dongle extender to have the receiver closer to the keyboard for maximum reception.?
—  Connect up to three different compatible devices via Bluetooth 5.1 – select the active paired device or the 2.4GHz connection using the selection button on the back of the keyboard.?
—  Plug in and play on your PC using the detachable USB paracord cable.?

Enjoy undisturbed gameplay with up to 42 hours of battery life via a 2.4GHz dongle connection (thanks to magnetic snap-on charging technology) or up to 46 hours of battery life via a Bluetooth connection.

Comfort, precision and accuracy: new wireless gaming mouse

Created with right-handed gamers in mind, the new Alienware Wireless Gaming Mouse (AW620M) prioritizes comfort, precision and accuracy, featuring the line’s leading-edge sensor technology and patent-pending magnetic-force L/R keyplates.

With up to 26,000 DPI, 650 IPS, and 50G max acceleration, users can expect speedy, accurate clicking and no angle snapping for reliable precision. For marathon gaming sessions, the 2.4GHz wireless dongle connection offers up to 140 hours of battery life on a PC, and if you’re in a pinch, quickly recharge for just five minutes to get up to 10 hours of continuous gameplay.

Commenting on the launch, Vincent Tucker, Senior Director, Alienware Peripherals, said: “Today, we are doubling the size of our Alienware peripheral suite with options targeting a range of playing styles, tailored experiences and price points. From the deskbound, marathon PC gamers to the maverick who manoeuvres throughout multiple gaming environments, our growing ecosystem delivers reliable high-performance gear to span more lifestyles than ever before.

Highlighting the ecosystem approach that Alienware has taken with the peripherals, Tucker added: “Pairing effortlessly across the Alienware ecosystem, these new peripherals work in unison with your existing setup to help ensure comfortable, uninterrupted gameplay.

Each of these new peripherals can be harmoniously connected to your gaming ecosystem and easily managed by Alienware Command Center (AWCC), a centralized hub that allows quick access to settings such as game-specific profiles and themes, lighting, macros, audio controls and overclocking. This is more than just a software update; it is a new architecture – built from the ground up – featuring a new, intuitive, and dynamic user design.”