AI is a smart canary Dr. Luca Marchesotti, AI Architect & Founder Gemmo AI

AI has come along way in recent years and is now becoming more and more part of our daily lives. One question people have been asking is about AI ethics and should we trust it? Ronan talks to Dr. Luca Marchesotti AI Architect & Founder of Gemmo AI, who believes in tech for good and the responsible and ethical use of AI.

Dr Marchesotti talks about his background, how Gemmo AI started , What Gemma AI does, the cloud, noisy events, voice recognition and more

More about  Dr. Luca Marchesotti and Gemmo AI:

Dr. Luca Marchesotti is the founder and CEO of Gemmo AI, a Dublin-based machine-learning company. As a former senior scientist at Xerox, Luca has a reputation for early breakthroughs in Image Aesthetics and has long been an advocate for technical transformation. Through Gemmo AI, Dr Marchesotti continues to champion this cause.

Gemmo AI strives to be the preferred AI partner for innovative companies seeking action-driven automation. The company’s leadership team has successfully overseen numerous R&D projects for Fortune 500 companies, resulting in groundbreaking products and services that have transformed entire industries.

Operating across multiple industries Gemmo AI deploys machine learning models to enable companies to turn their products into smart solutions, particularly within industry 4.0, sustainable food production, and smart environmental monitoring sectors.

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