Aeno Smart Sonic Toothbrush

We will be reviewing the Aeno Smart Sonic Toothbrush White soon, once our tester (one only, no sharing) is done testing it. You can see more about the product here.

More details about the Aeno Smart Sonic Toothbrush

4+8 SMART cleaning modes

Choose your preferable one from 4 modes on the brush: Soft, Clean, Massage, White or open the AENO app and find additional 8 modes for any need

Precise settings

If you want to create your own unique mode, the advanced manual settings are just for you

Cleaning efficiency feedback

Don’t be lazy, it’s your health. Cleaning efficiency feedback system will tell you how effective your cleaning was today

Battery level indication

Conveniently keep track of your toothbrush battery level in the AENO app

46 000 vibrations per minute

As a result of high-frequency vibrations at a speed of 46 000 movements per minute, oxygenated fine foam is formed from toothpaste and biological fluids inside the oral cavity, which penetrates into hard-to-reach places and removes plaque

x10 more effective than a manual brush

Sonic toothbrush removes far more plaque than a manual toothbrush from the surface of the teeth and along the gumline without damaging the gums or damaging the enamel

15/30 sec dental zone change reminder

The smart system provided in AENO toothbrushes will promptly remind you to change the brushing area 4 times every 30 seconds for more effective hygiene or 15 seconds for a quick clean throughout the day

Ideal for:

Sensitive gums
Dental implants
DuPont – premium quality bristles
AENO toothbrushes use high-quality DuPont Tynex® bristles, proven in the oral care industry for over 75 years. In clinical research, Tynex® bristles show superior wear resistance and higher flex recovery than other materials. These bristles successfully cope with all the nuances: cleaning the interdental spaces and gums, removing plaque and antimicrobial treatment

Easily find your brush

Icons allow the whole family to use AENO brand brushes with different attachments – just select an icon so that everyone knows exactly where their brush head is located. It is simple and understandable even for children


Smart: additional cleaning modes
Smart: precise settings
46 000 vibrations per minute
90 days without charging

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