Acumen Aviation and Global AVX Announce Collaborative Agreement

Acumen Aviation (“Acumen”), a leading global Asset Management Company and Global Aviation Exchange Limited, trading as Global AVX (“Global AVX”), are excited to announce their collaboration agreement with the intent to provide digital asset management to customers throughout their asset trading activities.

As a seasoned aviation sector asset manager, Acumen possesses a wealth of solutions at its fingertips, specifically designed to manage assets through the course of their lifecycle. Within Acumen’s core competencies is its digital success advisory (DSA) which specialises in bringing the latest in digital techniques and architecture to provide an array of solutions to the sector.

Complimenting these competencies, Acumen’s SPARTA digital platform comprises a variety of applications which can be deployed to augment aviation asset management processes and deliver efficiency, reliability, and accuracy to platform adopters in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. Through this collaboration, SPARTA will be an available option to customers for managing assets throughout the entire trading process.

Global AVX is the first of its kind, aviation asset auction house, providing the Aviation Industry with a transparent and accountable platform that delivers fund approved sale, purchase, and lease of aircraft. The Global AVX platform is independent with no ties to third parties and is dedicated to providing a clear and transparent process to enable vendors to achieve the best asset price within the global marketplace. Fundamental to this is the singular online digital auction process.

Through this exciting collaboration between the two companies, Global AVX will be able to offer a greater level of client transactional and post transactional technical and commercial data management and asset management assistance through the SPARTA platform, while Acumen will be in a position to offer a robust solution to meet a growing demand for digital asset trading.

Acumen Aviation’s Chief Technical Officer – Digital, Ameya Gore stated “This is an excellent opportunity for Acumen to further expand our digital solution offerings to the aviation leasing and financing community. Global AVX’s trading platform is an ideal partner in our quest to make digital asset management a mainstream activity during asset trading whilst, at the same time delivering greater value to our customers.”

Global AVX CEO, Robert Bourke stated “This is a very exciting opportunity for both companies to leverage upon their respective platforms to provide increased ease in the disposal of an aviation asset. The mission of the Global AVX platform is to allow for the global market price to determine a true market price delivered through transparency, independence, and exclusivity. This is central tenet of the DNA and principles of Global AVX.

Core to the transfer of any aircraft, and fundamental to its value is the technical data and certification of the various technical works on the aircraft. Managing mass amounts of data is core to Acumen and allows Global AVX to leverage upon Acumen’s platform which has traded over $6 billion in aircraft. Acumen has the heritage and wealth of in-depth experience in dealing with large data with aviation assets through their SPARTA technology. The combination and collaboration of both companies creates an ability to provide prompt and efficient marketing and sales services to assist in the disposal of aviation assets.”

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