Acumen Aviation and Fabrik Announce Strategic Partnership Agreement

Acumen Aviation (“Acumen”), a leading global Asset Management Company and Augtual Reality Labs Private Limited, trading as Fabrik (“Fabrik”), is excited to announce a new Strategic Partnership Agreement.

Acumen and Fabrik have formed a strategic partnership to bring 3D digital twin technology to the aviation Industry. Acumen, through its Digital Success Advisory (DSA) will execute digital transformation projects for aviation industry players seeking to harness the power of 3D digital twin within their organisational processes.

This will be achieved through the provision of Acumen’s key functional and technology expertise within the aviation domain. Acumen will be relied upon to provide business process understanding, sector knowledge, together with its implementation support capabilities, to aid Fabrik in advancing the exposure of 3D digital twin technology across the sector.

Fabrik will support Acumen’s in-house ERP platform SPARTA in bringing 3D digital twin to its Projects Management module, where the existing 2D imagery of aircraft will be replaced with more life-like 3D digital twin imagery.

This will enhance the quality of the inspection reports, allowing inspectors and customers to disseminate information about the aircraft’s physical condition as observed during the inspection with higher accuracy.

Acumen’s Chief Technical Officer Digital, Ameya Gore stated “Acumen is excited to have entered this realm of 3D Digital Twin technology with a capable and reliable partner in Fabrik.

“We aim to catapult SPARTA capabilities for aircraft inspections to the next level by integrating this innovative technology to enhance the quality, accuracy as well as reliability of the information made available to our customers through SPARTA.”

Fabrik Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Srinivas R. stated “MRO, operators and lessors require a system that provides Affordable, Accessible and Easy-to-Use digital platforms to inspect, maintain and manage aircraft. S

“PARTA and FABRIK have come together to address this requirement by creating a digital twin in an integrated metaverse, thereby simplifying access to information about the aircraft’s current health, repair schedule, and maintenance history.”

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