Accenture Opens New Generative AI Studio in Dublin

Accenture has launched its new generative AI studio at The Dock, Accenture’s flagship R&D and global innovation centre. Clients from all industries interested in pursuing commercial uses of generative AI will be able to visit the new studio toexplore industry use cases, conduct AI pilots, and rapidly initiate and scale responsible programmes.

Recent research from Accenture reveals that 74% of Irish leaders see Gen AI as an opportunity rather than a threat and almost seven in 10 (69%) of Irish leaders view Gen AI as more beneficial to revenue growth than cost reduction. Interestingly however, Accenture’s latest Pulse of Change annual Index for 2024 revealed that European leaders are approaching AI more cautiously that their North American counterparts. 77% of European respondents are more cautious of investment in AI because of societal concerns about responsible use of AI compared to only 59% of respondents in North America.

The research further revealed that 82% of Irish leaders anticipate an even faster rate of change in 2024 compared to 2023, slightly less than leaders in North America and Europe (both 88%). 65% of Irish leaders see change as an opportunity, and 59% expect revenue growth to accelerate in 2024. Despite their optimism, half (50%) of Irish leaders say they are not fully prepared to respond to the change they will face in the 2024 business environment, compared to 49% of business leaders in Europe.

Commenting at the opening of the Gen AI studio, Denis Hannigan, Data and AI Practice Lead, Accenture in Ireland, said: “Gen AI is not like any previous technology revolution; it’s driving a new wave of reinvention that will change every area of every business in every industry.Our clients recognise this and are ready to move beyond experimentation into piloting and scaling Gen AI programmes. Drawing on our experience of client conversations, existing projects, the expertise of our people, and industry partnerships, this Gen AI studio will provide companies in Ireland with the best ideas and capabilities to shape solutions and help them reinvent their businesses, responsibly.”

Enda King, Director of The Dock, added: “Here at The Dock, our focus is on harnessing cutting-edge technology to propel our clients’ growth on a global scale. With the Gen AI studio, we’re working with client teams from around the world to unlock value across their organisation. This starts with establishing trust in the technology and the decisions made by leaders about it. In the studio, we roll up our sleeves with them to answer the big questions: on the value for their business and customer; on the model and tech to use; on reskilling talent, and on how to do all of it responsibly. We walk out with a clear plan of where to get started on a journey of continuous reinvention.”

The opening of the Gen AI studio comes as Accenture kicks off its Generative AI Leadership Series, geared towards helping Irish companies unpack how Gen AI can help address some of their most pressing priorities.

The Dublin studio is part of Accenture’s $3 billion investment in data and AI, which will connect clients with Accenture’s top data and AI experts, who will help them leverage Accenture’s ecosystem partnerships, ventures, and strategic investments within the Centre for Advanced AI, as well as more than 1,450 patents and patent applications in its AI solutions, and learnings from more than 700 generative AI projects.

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