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Ian Stewart is the founder of, and currently the sum total of all staff in KMA Solutions. The “we” in “Who We Are” is definitely a Royal “We”! 

In 1994 Ian arrived in Ireland from his native New Zealand, masquerading as a player-coach for Ardee Rugby Club. This was during the lemming-like exodus of New Zealanders who flooded the UK & Ireland in the belief that they could play for and/or coach any team to play rugby.  No qualifications required, as long as these “super coaches” made every sentence sound like a question! And this was despite the fact that New Zealand were fast becoming the perennial Rugby World Cup “Chokers”. It would be a further 17 years before the All Blacks actually managed to convince a referee to “let them win” the RWC final in 2011!

Over the following 25+ years the appropriate authorities have dismally failed to find sufficient grounds to deport Ian. Rugby has also moved on to a point where players have to be fit and able to run, so Ian has had to find a more appropriate way to sustain himself and his family. Ian’s love for things IT-related, coupled with his absolute lack of any knowledge or skill in the field of computing meant that a career in computer technology was exactly the right choice!

After blagging his way into a tech support role for RFT Vision Systems – a start-up in machine vision technology in Dundalk, Ian decided to branch out on his own, and in 1999 – just in time for the “Millennium Bug” – Ian launched KMA Solutions. January 1st 2000 promised to send the world into the technological dark ages as every clock would fail to count past 1999, and every electronic device would think it was 1890 or 1973 and escalators would stop, meaning you actually had to climb a set of stairs in a shopping centre. Unfortunately the global Millennium Melt-Down turned out to be a couple of old ZX81 computers eating their cassette tapes, and the tannoy in Heuston Station became momentarily understandable. Because of the abysmal failure of the Millennium Bug to wreak havoc, the massive riches that were to be earned from solving the world IT crisis never eventuated. So Ian, and KMA Solutions has had to continue working, upskilling, learning and developing for the last 20 years. So much for the “Get Rich Quick & Get Out” plan!

All joking aside, KMA Solutions is NOT built upon University Degrees and multiple third level qualifications. KMA Solutions is built on 20 years of hard-learnt IT, programming and networking experience, on top of another 10 years of lifes’ knocks & bruises. Ian would love to have the qualifications and paperwork to match his time in the job, but unfortunately he’s been too busy to get it done. What he does offer though, is a personal and in-depth approach to problem solving, and a raft of experience that you can only get with time.

If you’ve an IT issue, or just want some advice, then give Ian a call. He still talks a bit funny – like Korg from “Thor” with a little bit of “Ardee-Hey” mixed in. Ask him what KMA stands for. It might be worth a laugh – or he might just be the IT expert you actually need!

BTW, that is NOT my actual signature, so don’t try and use it to create a fake identity! The bank will not honour it – at least I hope they won’t!!!

Ian Stewart
KMA Solutions


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When you work with KMA Solutions, your IT problems become OUR IT problems! We will work tirelessly to find a cost-effective solution for you. Or find someone who can! Ours is a personal approach. You won't see Ian in a collar and tie - unless he's at a wedding or in court! You can't roll up your sleeves with a pair of fancy cufflinks in the way! We would hope that you would invest in Ian, the person, as well as Ian, the IT guy.


Having a vision seems like a great idea, and looks impressive on a CV. Our "Vision" at KMA Solutions is to provide an excellent service and goods at an affordable price. However, we do not compromise on quality. Ian would love to be rich, not many people wouldn't. However, we don't want to get rich by emptying the pockets of our customers! We always strive to source the best value, but would be reluctant to sell any equipment that Ian would not be happy to use as his own. We don't try to be the cheapest. We do try to offer the best quality within your budget.


It goes without saying that your data and privacy is sacrosanct. Any customer who works with KMA Solutions are ensured that their company and / or private information will be in safe hands. We do not and will never share any client data with any third party, except with the express permission or direction of that client. You may contact us directly for more information on data, privacy and our handling of GDPR.