A Million Roots for the Future launched by NobleLand

NobleLand Unites Individual Donors to Combat Deforestation with its “Million Roots for the Future” Project

Environmental nonprofit company NobleLand is delighted to announce the launch of its “Million Roots for the Future” project to combat climate change. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility will see the planting of 1 million trees in designated areas across the globe with contributions from each concerned individuals and businesses.

A Million Roots for the Future launched by NobleLand

Every second, an area equivalent to the size of a stadium is lost due to deforestation, according to Global Forest Watch. From 2002 to 2021, global humid primary forest loss reached 68.4 million hectares, with a corresponding 6.7% decrease in total forest area. In response to this crisis, the European Union has implemented a policy requiring firms in deforestation hotspots to certify that their goods do not harm forests, with the risk of importation bans for non-compliant goods.

Our team has been dedicated to preserving biodiversity and advancing environmental well-being prior to establishing NobleLand. Despite being constrained in terms of personnel and resources, we remained committed to securing a sustainable future for our planet. However, we recognize that this is not a task that can be accomplished alone. And now, we want to expand our efforts and involve the wider community, including individuals who share our concern for the environment, in combating climate change through our “Million Roots for the Future” project.

What is the “Million Roots for the Future” Project?

By conducting a thorough examination of the worldwide terrain, we have pinpointed particular regions that have suffered the most severe consequences of deforestation. As part of this project, every person will have an opportunity to aid in the rehabilitation and reforestation of these areas by making a modest donation.

Our project distinguishes itself from others by taking responsibility for the entire lifespan of a tree. When you donate a tree, Nobleland ensures its growth and sustainability for several years until it reaches maturity.

We plant the best endemic plants in the local area
We take care of the trees for 2-7 years (depending on the type, area, and many other factors)
We tend to the trees’ needs, including watering, mulching, seasonal trimming, pruning, providing a stable environment, controlling pests, protecting them from wild animals, fertilizing, and checking them at regular intervals

To guarantee meticulous attention to each region selected for our project, we have formed partnerships with prominent organizations in this field. Our network of partner companies spans across the globe, including East Africa, West Africa, India, Switzerland, Pakistan, and Arbel. (find the list of the projects and partners engaged here).

Monitor the progress of your tree from any location.

We change the narrative from Tree Planting to Tree Growing — NoblelLand grows and sustains the personalized tree for several years until it becomes mature.
Identifiable — We attach a customized inox tree badge featuring a personal name onto the tree. The inox material selected is resistant to fading, sunlight, and rain damage.
Trackable — Each tree’s location will be geotagged, and individuals will receive the coordinates for their designated tree.
Transparent — Upon receiving the order, we will prepare the trees for plantation in a few weeks and provide regular updates on the progress.
Appreciated — People are giving back to nature, and we’re giving back to them with our customized gifts. To thank our community members, we prepare a variety of gifts, including E-certificates of Nobelity, discount cards for our partner stores, and more.

Who we are?

NobleLand is a 501(c)(3) environmental nonprofit tree-planting organization that is dedicated to the conservation and creation of forests, which are vital to the health of our planet.

At Nobleland, we provide a unique platform for individuals and companies to connect with nature. We work with professional partners from all over the world to ensure that every tree we plant is not only planted but also sustained.

We are committed to making the world a greener and more sustainable place. Our mission is to preserve the diversity of nature, promote the health of the Earth, and combat climate change for the benefit of present and future generations. We understand that environmental preservation is a global responsibility, and we are here to help individuals and businesses play their roles.

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